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NEW BUILD                                      True Value – Fully fitted kitchens and oak flooring
 The ‘True Value’                                    come as standard at Rowanbank Gardens

 of buying an Artisan Home

 Buyers set to save ‘thousands’ when buying an apartment at
 Rowanbank Gardens, Edinburgh.

 iche  developer  Artisan  Real  Estate   impressed  by  the  combination  of  high-
 has  revealed  the  true  value  of   quality  living,  immaculate  environmental
 Npurchasing  a  new  apartment  at  its   credentials  and  central  location.  And  now,
 award-winning development at Rowanbank   following feedback from new homeowners,
 Gardens, Edinburgh, with buyers set to save   Artisan is revealing that as well as enjoying a
 thousands of pounds over the longer-term.  sustainable and high quality of life at the new
 development, buyers are also saving money.
 Artisan is currently delivering 93 apartments
 for  private  sale  at  the  Corstorphine  site,   David  Westwater,    Artisan’s  Development
 set around a large garden space filled with   Director  for  Scotland  explains:  “When
 fruit  trees  and  communal  planting  beds.   you  buy  an  Artisan  home  at  Rowanbank
 The  development  is  now  welcoming  its   Gardens,  you  aren’t  just  getting  a  high-
 first  residents  -  just  over  two  years  after   quality  sustainable  apartment  in  a  city-
 construction  started  -  with  completion   centre  location.  You  are  also  benefiting   “We  took  the  decision  to  include  the   He  added:  “Buying  a  two-bed  apartment
 scheduled for spring this year.     from  a  hidden  value  that  could  save  you   highest  quality  furnishings  and  fittings  as   at Rowanbank Gardens could save around
                                              £720  per  year  on  energy  costs,  when
           standard, rather than charge extra like some
 thousands of pounds - from when you first   other  house  builders  do.  This  includes  oak   compared to similar properties elsewhere.
 More  than  half  of  all  apartments  have   move into your new apartment, and in the   hardwood floors and carpets throughout the   Which adds up to £3600 over a typical five-
 already been snapped up by savvy buyers,   longer-term.
           apartment, plus fully fitted kitchens with the   year period. Combine this with the savings
           latest contemporary appliances and worktops   you are already making with all the added-
           supplied by Kitchens International. You also   value  extras  provided  as  standard,  and
 Nearing Completion - Rowanbank Gardens    get  stylish  bathrooms  -  with  everything   you will soon start to see the true value of
 in Corstorphine, Edinburgh  covered by a two-year trouble-free warranty.   buying and living in an Artisan home.”

           “But as well as benefiting straight away from   Prices  for  a  one-bedroom  apartment  at
           this  high  value  capital  investment,  buyers   Rowanbank Gardens start from £245,000,
           also  gain  over  the  longer  term  by  saving   with a two-bedroom from £325,000 and a
           money with running costs. Each apartment   three-bedroom from £420,000.
           benefits  from  a  state-of-the-art  air  source
           heat  pump  energy  system,  which  captures
           the warm air within the home and then uses   To discuss the incentives currently available
           it  to  provide  cheap  and  efficient  heating,   or to book an appointment at the Rowanbank
           as  well  as  piping  hot  water.  As  a  result  of   Gardens show home, visit the development
           such  smart  technology,  energy  costs  at   website at or call
           Rowanbank  Gardens  are  proving  to  be   0131 516 3302.
           almost half that of the UK market average.”

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