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                           Hello, and welcome to the February issue of ESPC Property &                                                            The legalities of owning a
                           Interiors.                                                                                                   28
                                                                                                                                                  second home in Scotland

                           There is so much discussion surrounding energy efficiency at the                                                    28 PROPERTY ADVICE
                           moment, and in this issue, we’re focusing on some of the biggest                           8                           What are the new rules
                           news  stories  affecting  Scottish  homeowners,  including  the                                                        around gas boilers?
                           proposals for new heat networks to decarbonise heating sytems,                                                      30 AREA FOCUS
                           as well as the change in legislation around the installation of gas                                                    Dreaming of Dunfermline
                           boilers, so you can keep on top of everything you need to know.
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                           Alongside this, we’ve got the heads-up that our popular podcast                                                        How to downsize
                           will be returning for its third season this month – perfect listening
        Editor                                                                                                                                 38 INTERIORS INSIDER
                           for your commute.                                                                                                      Make a meal of it
        Laura Mearns                                                                                                                           44 INTERIORS INSIDER
                           We’ve got expert advice on buy-to-let mortgages and what it’s like
                           in the Edinburgh rental market, as well as everything you need to   44                                                 Enjoy a peaceful slumber
                           know about owning a second home, plus advice on downsizing.                                                            all night long

                           And  as  always,  we’re  taking  a  look  inside  some  of  the  most
                           gorgeous homes currently on the market, to satisfy your property
                           daydreams – or perhaps inspire you to find your next home. You’ll
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