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 It’s official – ESPC is your
  first choice!

 Following consumer research, ESPC is named as first choice for
 property searches.

 hen you’re looking to buy a home,   Not only that, but sellers have cottoned on to
 we know that it’s all about checking   the cache that being listed with ESPC offers,
 Wproperty portals every day to see   naming the portal as the place where they’d
 if  that  dream  house  or  flat  has  arrived  onto   most like to see their property marketed.
 the market. For sellers too, knowing that your
 property is being marketed to the widest   There are so many fantastic reasons to use
 possible audience, in the most effective way,   ESPC for your homebuying or selling journey:
 can help reassure any anxieties you have   from ESPC  Exclusive,  where properties  are
 about listing your current home.  listed on three days before they go
 live with other property sites, giving buyers
 We are delighted to say that, following recent   the edge; to ESPC Unlock, which gives sellers
 market  research,  ESPC  was  found to  be  the   peace of mind when searching for their next
 most common place for buyers to start their   home; and much more besides.
 property search, with 24% of buyers beginning
 their search for their dream home at  (continued on p8)

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