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An exciting new lifestyle

                  A friendly face when you need it                                       awaits. Just ask Cala

                   If you need a helping hand with your property search,
                              come and see us in person.                                 Dreaming of more space? A blank canvas to make your own? Everything
                                                                                         new? And all in a superb location?  Just ask Cala about our exciting new
                                                                                         location in Calderwood.

         f you’re a homeowner of a
         certain age, shall we say, we have                                               Cala at Calderwood, Street Scene
      Ino doubt that you’ll remember
       ESPC’s Property Information Centre
       on George Street decked out in an
       array  of wall cards,  covering  the
       windows and walls, displaying the
       plethora of properties for sale with
       our solicitor estate agents that you
       could browse at your leisure.

       In recent years, things have
       changed,  and  our  Property
       Information Centre has moved
       with the times too – swapping
       those widely-known wall cards for
       a  sleeker  selection  of  digital-first,
       eco-friendly options, such as tablets ready   offer guidance, reassurance, and insights to
       and loaded to search for your next   help you on your way.
       dream home.
                                            The Property Information Centre team are up to
       But  some  things  don’t  change,  and  for  us,    date with the latest property information, and if
       it’s the warm and welcoming service of our   you need a helping hand with your search, they
       team in the Property Information Centre,   can guide you – whether that’s providing you
       who are always on hand to help you in your   with a copy of ESPC’s latest House Price Report,
       property search.                     requesting a Home Report for a property you’re
                                            interested in, or helping you to book a property   Calderwood launching December 2023
       So, if you are looking for a new home, but   viewing, as well as many other things.  Offering a selection of 3-5 bedroom homes
       you don’t feel comfortable searching online,                                      Register your interest today
       ESPC are still here to help you. When you pop   So if you require a little bit more help with your
       into the Property Information Centre, you can   property search – or if you know someone who
       relax and feel free to ask any of the team if   does – ESPC is delighted to offer a face-to-face,
       they can assist with your search. Whether you   friendly service six days a week. Simply pop
       need  help navigating the website,  or  you’re   into 107 George Street and let our fabulously
       not sure how to use one of the available   friendly team help you on your way to a new   CALA.CO.UK/CALDERWOOD
       tablets, the friendly team can support and    dream home.

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