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                       or homeowners planning to sell   Paul Hilton, CEO, ESPC, commented:
                       their  home  this  autumn,  here’s   “We are incredibly pleased to be
                  F another  reason to use an  ESPC   announcing this project with The
  save the        ESPC has linked up with The Future   of  our  ESPC  Chartered  firms.  ESPC
 Sell your home,
                  Chartered solicitor estate agent.
                                                   Future Forest Company on behalf
                                                   cares deeply about supporting the
                                                   communities  that  our customers
                  Forest Company to sponsor the planting
  environment     this autumn – sponsoring one tree for   Lothians, Fife, the Borders, Dumfries
                                                   call home across Edinburgh, the
                  of a minimum of 1400 trees in Scotland
                                                   & Galloway and the West of Scotland.
                  every property listed for sale with an
                                                   ESPC is delighted to be helping to
                  ESPC Chartered solicitor estate agency
                                                   raise awareness of the fantastic work
                  during October and November 2023.
                                                   multiple, invaluable benefits its efforts
                  The Future Forest Company is a   of The Future Forest Company and the
                  visionary organisation dedicated to UK   provide  across  the  country,  helping
 Here’s how putting your property on the market with   reforestation and nature restoration,   to support the forests of the future
                  which works with local communities   across Scotland. This  will also be an
 with an ESPC solicitor estate agent this autumn will   invaluable learning opportunity to
                  with the aim of creating a greener, more
 support the local environment.  resilient country for future generations.  understand how we can make positive
                                                   changes to the environment for ESPC
                                                   and our ESPC Chartered solicitor
                  The Future Forest Company has    estate agents.”
                  a   comprehensive  approach  to
                  reforestation, implementing sustainable
                  land management and encouraging   Tom Newell, UK General Manager
                  native species restoration to combat   at The Future Forest Company, said:
                  climate change. Its efforts provide   “We’re  delighted to be working  with
                  multiple  benefits,  including  carbon   ESPC. By choosing  to plant  trees
                  sequestration, improved air and water   with The Future Forest Company,
                  quality,  biodiversity  preservation,  ESPC is having a real impact towards
                  and  social  and  economic  benefits  to   increasing UK forest cover, improving
                  local communities. The Future Forest   biodiversity and reversing the climate
                  Company ensures the ongoing success   crisis.”
                  of its woodland projects, promising
 By choosing to plant trees with The Future   greener, healthier spaces for the future.  Over a quarter of ESPC solicitor estate
                                                   agents have signed up to the Charter
 Forest Company, ESPC is having a real impact   The  1400  trees  sponsored  by  ESPC   initiative since its launch last year, and
 towards increasing UK forest cover, improving   will  be  located  at  The  Future  Forest   you can find the full list of chartered
                  Company’s various sites across Central
                                                   firms at
 biodiversity and reversing the climate crisis.  and Southwestern Scotland.

 Tom Newell, UK General Manager at The Future Forest Company

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