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                                                                                                  ccupying  the  full  first  floor  of  a   kitchen  also  provides  access  into  a  generous
                                                                                                  handsome, detached Victorian villa, 6A   utility room, two storage cupboards and a WC.
                                                                                            OCrawfurd  Road  is  a  splendid  place  to
                                                                                            call home. Not only does it enjoy elegant period   The apartment offers up to five bedrooms, all
                                                                                            features  in  abundance,  but  it  also  boasts  a   with fantastic proportions, allowing the new
                                                                                            setting in one of Edinburgh’s most sought-after   owner  to  tailor  the  property  to  their  exact
                                                                                            neighbourhoods,  the  well-heeled  Newington.   requirements.  The  principal  bedroom,  which
                                                                                            Close  to  the  city  centre  itself,  as  well  as  an   sits  adjacent  to  the  sitting  room  at  the  front
                                                                                            array  of  excellent  local  amenities,  attractions   of the property, feels grand and tranquil, with
                                                                                            and green spaces, this sumptuous property is a   exceptionally high ceilings and large windows,
                                                                                            fantastic family home in the heart of the Capital.   plus a stylish en suite shower room adds to the
                                                                                                                                 opulent feel.
                                                                                            The  villa  dates  to  1890,  and  boasts  a  rich
                                                                                            history, as it originally formed part of Madame   The  remaining  bedrooms  all  enjoy  an
                                                                                            Muriset’s  Craigmillar  Park  College  –  a  private   individual charm: the second bedroom boasts
                                                                                            girls’ boarding school. These days, the villa has   a  spectacular  bay  window,  while  the  quirky
                                                                                            been converted to create an elegant, spacious   curvature  of  the  third  and  fourth  bedrooms
                                                                                            family home, which benefits from its own private   is striking. The fifth bedroom has a beautiful
                                                                                            entrance  and  a  south-facing  rear  garden,  and   arched  window,  again  a  gorgeous  reminder
                                                                                            offers  the  flexibility  of  up  to  five  bedrooms,   of  this  property’s  history  and  architectural
                                                                                            depending on how the new owner would prefer   splendour.  The  positioning  of  the  bedrooms
                                                                                            to use the available space.          means  they  can  all  lend  themselves  to  a
                                                                                                                                 variety of purposes; bedroom four is currently
                                                                                            Once inside the apartment, the property’s   used  as  a  dining  room,  while  the  smallest
                                                                                            history  comes  alive,  thanks  to  the  careful   bedroom is currently a nursery, but would be
                                                                                            preservation of its architecture, which has been   ideal as a home office if required.
                                                                                            carefully  blended  with  modern  décor.  The
                                                                                            entrance hallway features unusual, curved walls   A bright and stylish family bathroom completes
                                                                                            and ornate archways, while many of the rooms   the  apartment,  finished  in  contemporary  style
                                                                                            boast  intricate  cornicing  and  sash-and-case   with tiling and panelling in calming, neutral tones.
                                                                                            windows with working shutters.
                                                                                                                                 Outside,  the  elegant  exterior  of  the  property
                                                                                            The  property’s  main  sitting  room  is  a  tranquil   is complemented by a well-kept front garden,
                                                                                            space,  with  a  stunning  open  fire  and  striking   while  to  the  rear,  there’s  an  extensive,  south-
                                                                                            curved bay window. There’s plentiful room for   facing  private  garden  adorned  with  mature
                                                                                            furniture,  and  the  exceptionally  high  ceilings,   planting,  a  lawn  area,  patio  area  and  even  a
                                                                                            and fresh, neutral decor add to the feeling of   chicken coop.
                                                                                            airiness and light saturating the space.
                                                                                                                                 In  the  catchment  area  for  some  of  the  city’s
                                                                                            A second socialising space comes in the form of   most  desirable  schooling,  the  apartment  is
                                                                                            the bright kitchen/dining room, located to the   also within walking distance of The Meadows,
                                                                                            rear of the property. Finished in a soft eggshell   Holyrood Park and Prestonfield Golf Club, and
          6A Crawfurd Road, Edinburgh EH16 5PQ  5 bed  |  2 bath  |  2 reception rooms      shade with complementary metro tiling and   local amenities include Cameron Toll shopping
          Offers over £795,000                                                              matching  wooden  flooring,  worktops  and   centre, The Royal Commonwealth Pool leisure
                                                                                            breakfast bar, the spacious kitchen is an ideal   facilities, and Festival Theatre and the Queen’s
          Selling solicitor: ESPC Chartered firm Coulters, call 0131 253 2215
                                                                                            hub to gather. It also offers substantial built-in   Hall, cementing its status as an idyllic haven in
                                                                                            pantry  cupboards,  allowing  clutter  to  be  kept   the heart of the city.
                                                                                            to a minimum – plus, a ‘hidden’ hallway off the
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