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                                                           16 EXPERT ADVICE
                                                              2024: Predictions for the
                                                              year ahead
                                                           18 PROPERTY ADVICE
                                                              Secure a sale in Scotland,
                                                              with 20% fewer sales
                                                           24 EXPERT ADVICE
 Hello, and welcome to the first issue of ESPC Property & Interiors   What’s going to happen
 in 2024!                                                     in the mortgage market
                                                              in 2024?
 Our first issue of the year is packed with property advice and   31 INTERIORS INSIDER
 inspiration, as well as a look ahead to see what we might expect
 of the market in 2024.                                       We bring you the interiors
                                                              trends you need to know
                                                              in 2024.
 We’re covering everything from tenement maintenance to the
 latest interiors trends to know, as well as sharing the most popular   46 IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD
 property hotspot in East Lothian, and explaining why buying a   ESPC’s collaboration
 property in Scotland is so likely to be a successful process.  31  16  with The Future Forest
 As  always,  there  are  plenty  of  dream  homes  to  peruse  within
 the  pages  too  –  and  you’ll  find  hundreds  more  each  week  at
 Laura Mearns
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