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 It’s Sellers’ September!

 Thinking about putting your home on the market?
 Here’s how ESPC can help.

             SPC is uniquely placed to help you sell   Unlock peace of mind
             your property and offers a vast array of   If you’re nervous about selling your home
        E services designed to make the process   before securing your next property, ESPC’s
        of selling (and buying) as smooth as possible.  unique Unlock  service allows you  to  add  a
                                              clause in the missives that gives you the option
        ESPC is the first portal of choice    to withdraw from the sale if you need to.
        According to research, ESPC is the first portal
        of  choice  for  buyers  and  sellers.  It’s  the  first   Sell with local property experts
        place that buyers go to when they’re searching   ESPC’s network of solicitor estate agent
        for a new home, and it’s where sellers most   firms  means  that  the  marketing  and
        want to see their home advertised. Knowing   conveyancing of your property can all be
        your property is being marketed to the widest   handled under one roof. Our member firms
        possible audience, in the most effective way,   are local property experts and can guide you
        can help reassure any anxieties you may have   every step of the way.
        about selling.
                                              Plus, our ESPC Chartered Firms are obliged to
        Get a free valuation                  offer the highest level of service, and recent
        ESPC offers free, no-obligation valuations –   research  showed  that  sellers  found  it  ‘very
        simply  visit,  fill  in  the   easy’ to deal with their solicitor estate agent,
        form and allow one of our 140+ solicitor estate   so you can be reassured that your home is in
        agencies to provide you with a free valuation,   excellent hands.
        to help you decide whether to sell your home
        without spending a penny.             Sell your home for a higher price
                                              Research has shown that an ESPC solicitor
        Make it Exclusive                     estate agent can achieve 3% more above
        ESPC Exclusive means that your property will   Home  Report  valuation than  a non-ESPC
        be listed for three days on, before   solicitor estate agent, so you could make more
        it appears on other property portals. So many   money from your home if you choose to sell
        home buyers love this service and act quickly   with ESPC.
        to  view  or even make offers on  Exclusive
        properties before they reach a wider audience,   Visit to get started
        so you may even secure a quicker sale!  today.

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