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       Viewings 101

       Want to make the most of a property
       viewing? Derek Brien, Head of Sales
       at VMH, shares his top tips to make   Book a second viewing
       sure you make every moment count.    If you can, arrange a second viewing, ideally at
                                            a different time of day to ensure you don’t miss
                                            any potential issues. Take someone with you
       Do your research                     for a second opinion and, more importantly, to
       It’s important to view a property as soon as   have another pair of eyes looking round.                                  Make Murrayfield Home
       possible, but do your homework first. Examine
       the  photos  and  floor  plan  to  make  sure  the   Be friendly                                                      Torwood is a superb development of 28 homes
       layout and position of the property will suit   Getting on with the seller can be helpful when                       in highly sought-after Murrayfield. The remaining
       your needs. Read the Home Report thoroughly,   the time comes to make an offer.  Building a                         properties include: one half of the original Victorian
       so you’re aware of any issues you might have   relationship at the outset may give you the
       to deal with. If it’s in a new location, visit   edge over other buyers.  And remember, you                           villa, which has been converted into a stunning
       beforehand to get a feel for the area, the local   are viewing someone’s home, so try not to                          5-bedroom home; the 3-bedroom coach house;
       amenities, transport links, parking restrictions   voice any negative comments on décor or                              and 12 contemporary, luxury apartments.
       and any traffic disturbances.        other aspects.

       Take your time                       Give feedback
       Buying a property is one of the biggest   Most solicitor estate agents will contact you
       purchases you’ll make, so give yourself enough   after your viewing, so you can let them know
       time to have a good look around.  Depending   your thoughts, which can then be fed back
       on the size of the property, allow for at least    to the seller. At this point you could ask the                            Prices start from £720,000
       20-30 minutes for each viewing.  Don’t be   selling agent to provide you with answers                                        To arrange a viewing call
       afraid to ask questions, or to look inside   to any questions you may still have, before
       cupboards or the loft.               deciding how to proceed.                                                             Behnam Afshar on 07967 322025
                                                                                                                               or email
       If you’re looking to discuss your property sale, get in touch with VMH on 0131 622 2626 or visit for more information.
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