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                                                                                                         A real  love nest

                                                                                                          This unique Haddington home could be everything
                                                                                                                     you’ve been hunting for.

                                                                                                      hat do you think of when you   store outdoor attire, to keep the rest of the
                                                                                                      imagine your dream home?   home tidy (and mud-free!).
                                                                                              WIf it’s something secluded
                                                                                              yet  accessible,  rural  yet  modern,  then   The hallway also offers access to a stunning
                                                                                              Owlsgate could be the perfect place     kitchen diner, designed and finished to an
                                                                                              for you.                           extremely high specification, making it the
                                                                                                                                 perfect place to entertain and socialise
                                                                                              Located in lush East Lothian countryside,   while whipping up a family feast. Framed by
                                                                                              but just a short drive from the popular   a plethora of windows with fabulous views
                                                                                              market town of Haddington, Owlsgate   over  the  front  paddock,  and  fitted  around
                                                                                              is a unique detached property that sets   a central dining area complete with a log-
                                                                                              contemporary  architecture  and  décor   burning  stove,  this  south-facing  space  is
                                                                                              against a tranquil, pastoral backdrop.   relaxed and homely, while being incredibly
                                                                                                                                 stylish. Banks of sleek, matte graphite
                                                                                              The property’s striking design sets it   cabinets are topped  with illuminated,
                                                                                              apart from other homes  in the area, so   engineered worktops, while integrated
                                                                                              even on approach, you can be sure that   appliances, including an induction hob,
                                                                                              you’re about to see something special.   double oven and warming drawer, create a
                                                                                              Once inside, a generous porch provides a   seamless finish. Proving it has substance as
                                                                                              welcoming glimpse into what’s to come,   well as style, the kitchen is complemented
                                                                                              with a picture window letting in abundant   by an adjoining utility room, providing plenty
                                                                                              natural light. The hallway leads through to   of  space  for  laundry,  and  a  large  walk-in
                                                                                              a practical boot room, the perfect place to   pantry – surely the stuff of kitchen dreams.

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